High Society

Russell has just finished performing in a sell-out season of the musical HIGH SOCIETY, at the Hayes Theatre, Potts Point.

The cast included some of the great luminaries of Australian Musical theatre – Amy Lehpamer, Bert Labonte, Bobby Fox, Scott Irwin, Virginia Gay, Phillip Lowe, Michelle Barr, Laurence Coy, Delia Hannah, Jessica Whitfield.

The show is directed by Helen Dallimore, herself one of the great musical performers.


The incomparable Amy Lehpamer


(almost) Full-cast Dance Number

Screenshot 2015-10-13 12.31.13

Delia Hannah and Russell Cheek


The most joyous dressing-room in the world….

A stellar experience – some review excerpts.

If you need twin staircases, tap-dancing, chorus lines, or a full-sized band, then wander down to the Opera House and see the Broadway-budgeted production of Anything Goes, one of Porter’s most famous. But if you’re happy with several of the greatest songs of the twentieth century, retrofitted into a well-crafted story with witty dialogue and all delivered flawlessly, then buy, sneak or cheat your way into High Society.

Time Out (5 Stars)

“Director Helen Dallimore has drawn together a stellar group of actors and creatives to bring Cole Porter’s ‘High Society’ to life with lots of laughs and beautiful music…
For it to work it must fizz, and Helen Dallimore has certainly achieved that in her production for Hayes Theatre Co. In addition to the magnificent music, the drama and comedy of the work is delightful and ensures that the work remains relevant. The comic timing of jokes and barbs are brilliantly presented and are accompanied by some priceless facial expressions.”

Broadway World