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The brief of this company has been to create exceptional leadership in its powerful clients by developing greater self-knowledge and awareness, better relationships, and ultimately, making these companies into more responsible corporate citizens.

Russell first began working with Margot Cairnes in 1996, some years before she created Zaffyre International in 2004.

Since 2004, he has led and directed a select group of highly specialised actors, who facilitate the learning process offered by Zaffyre to CEOs, top executives and top teams of large corporations both in Australia and around the world.

As well as in all Australian capitals, they have worked in France, Belgium, UK, NZ, USA, Holland, Canada.

As part of this work, Russell and Margot also regularly worked internationally as a duo together, originating many sessions utilising Russell’s Neutral Masks to profound effect.

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Dinner with CEO and Top Team of Zinifex Smelter, Kapellerputt, Brabant, Netherlands.

Zaffyre has now become Margot Cairnes International, and the work continues.

From time-to-time, he also works with:

Be Learning
Sporting Declaration



…for each of which consultancies he has worked as actor or trainer.