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All things to Most People…

SOLO-PERFORMER, Facilitator, Director, Comic Character-Actor, Trainer, Teacher.

Apart from his one-man show, his specialty is building effective communicators – unlocking your people’s abilities to connect, to be present. He will encourage and enable what’s ‘inner’ to connect with the ‘outer’.

He helps clarify your people’s story-telling, helps them to peak performance before an audience.

He has worked with hi-vis execs, organisations large and small, as well as mid-management and teams.

He has…

…toured the world many times with both Margot Cairnes International, and the Zaffyre International consultancies,

…a twenty-five-year career as theatre-director and corporate-trainer.

…directed a great many live theatre shows, (Incl Circus Oz international touring show.)

…worked with several corporate consultancies, (Coup, Inqurio, Be Learning,) as actor, ‘leading’/directing actor and facilitator, as well as –

…leading his own personal-performance-enhancing and communication-content workshop sessions.

The work – Centres around vital performing:

Doing, Teaching, and Creating the essential energies between performer and audience.

Just a little more…

Russell Graduated with BA Honours University of Sydney.
He is a fluent French-speaker, a good German-speaker, and a very ordinary speaker of Italian.

His formation, study and research as actor/workshop-leader/performer derive in great proportion from his subsequent study at, and graduation from, the prestigious and unique international school – the École Jacques Lecoq Theatre School, Paris.

The UPSHOT of all this:

He is really QUITE good… at MANY things…!

Here is a link to a comprehensive interview of Russell, text and/or Soundcloud, done for:

Bondi Fresh Daily

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