The Hybrid Masks

After working with the Commedia dell’Arte masks for several years – PERFORMING with them in one-man shows, DIRECTING shows using them exclusively, and TEACHING mask-work as a part of actor-education, Russell made a breakthrough:

While browsing a novelty warehouse, Russell noticed stacks of unused, dust-covered plastic masks. These were full-face masks – plastic party take-outs. He bought them ALL, cut the lower-face out of them, and found that a small percentage of these silent, yet dynamic masks could find for themselves, guided by the right hands, unique voices and  ‘Commedia-like’ personalities.

Russell thus discovered the gateway to a rabble of well-defined, diverse and brilliant characters…!

These years of Russell’s mask-research eventually developed into a workshop for up to a dozen participants, which provides ‘Instant Commedia”… hilarious, surreal and unique…!

In it, Russell promises to supply multiple belly-laughs per session… mentored, guided and teased out by Russell, but created and expressed by YOU…!


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