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Russell, I really loved your session.  Thank you, thank you!  it was all the more stunning given how little time you had but I was amazed at how you handled yourself and how well you worked with our team. I’m pretty sure they loved it too and that it was very cathartic for those who cried.

I so hope we get to work with you again.  I think I need one of those masks.

Gabrielle Tourelle,
Global Talent Development Director, Text 100 Global

Individual training:

Steve Lawler, CEO Surdevel 

Preparation & Calmness

… leads to Confidence & Rhythm

… which provides Delivery & Timing

… resulting in Audience Captivation

…. & ultimately Self Satisfaction.

This is what a series of professional lessons with Russell on Public Speaking gave me. As CEO of SurDevel (a large multi-disciplined development consultancy) my skills in communicating effectively to boards, employees, & large audiences is essential for a successful career. Up until I worked with Russell, public speaking was hard work and something that I constantly worried about. Nervous energy & cold sweats were the norm in the lead up to a speech, which in turn never allowed me to imbue audiences with the confidence they deserved. It was a downward spiral in self esteem & motivation.

Once my sessions started with Russell, I began quickly to develop the tools necessary to orate confidently in public. Russell’s skills in developing body movement, rhythm and speech is exceptional. His work allows me to feel calm and positive leading up to a speech. Long gone are the wasted energies of nerves, negativity and self doubt… now it’s all confidence and clarity. To be able to express myself in a professional manner mixed with my ‘own’ personality in front of an audience is totally satisfying and fulfilling.

Recently i spoke in front of a professional group of +400 people & found the experience enjoyable. Every positive part of that experience is all thanks to the wonderful training Russell provided me.

Stephen Lawler
Registered Surveyor
Chief Executive Officer
Surdevel Pty Ltd

Corporations Training:

Russell ran a series of training workshops for CommSec as we transitioned our company executives into on-air talent.  The brief was to unlock the potential of six individuals and empower them to achieve authority on live national television.   These ‘office workers’ were apprehensive about taking  a leadership role in the national conversation about investment markets and required individual handling to unlock both their beliefs and abilities to build an impressive on-air team.  Russell was a vital part of this process, he drove a lateral and controlled approach to an outcome that allowed each individual to find their personal strategy to reach for peak performance.  Some memorable moments involved a bass drum and a face masks…. yes – lateral, but effective, enjoyable and the enduring effect gave us a substantial return on investment for this training.

Bronwyn Delaney
Brand and Media Strategist
Snr Manager Advertising & PR

Cate Blanchett’s email

Dear Russell

Thank you for the incredibly detailed and thorough Manga Faust presentation the other day…

….The potential of your incredible idea is huge and what we saw in the loft was wondrous…

Thanks again, it was truly illuminating.