Russell on tour with his PERSONAL KINGFISHER….

“Who Am I? Is not for the faint-hearted, it is for those who love classic story telling, for those who are looking to delve into the life of another human being, sharing their thoughts, feelings and desires, and those who love suspense.

Russell Cheek is a master narrator. He takes the audience on a wild ride through the history, glamour and bad attire of 1990’s commercial television. The story follows Russell’s life as he recollects his experiences on Sale of the Century. Using his cutting wit and auditory skills, Russell recalls this bygone era and stressful, yet exciting time in his life.

The carryover champion’s story telling skills are incredible. His voice is calming and soft, his actions and gestures are those of a well-experienced actor. As the tension mounts the emotion is visceral. Russell conjured such creative tension that one audience member was so caught in the climax of the show that she stood up and announced that she “couldn’t bear the tension” any more. Ever the gentleman, Russell dashed off the stage and reassured her by whispering the ending to her, just in case. She stayed and gave a standing ovation at the end of the show.

Russell Cheek’s inspiring and hopeful tale reminds us of the power of goals and dreams. He will draw you in and you will share the joys, the tensions and the laughs as he recalls a very important time in his life.”

Rupert Hogen-Turner – “The Upside News”

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