RUSSELL usually, but not always, uses masks in his sessions. They are an invaluable tool, and regularly help to fast-track results – ‘Deeper, Faster’.

He is very likely the premier mask-practitioner in Australia – and without doubt a world-leader in the field. He has worked with the Neutral Mask in corporate environments in France, UK, Canada, NZ, as well as throughout Australia to great effect.

His programme is completely flexible, and he will take any amount of time to tailor session(s) to suit your requirements. Listed below are starting points.

PACKAGES for Corporate groups, Companies for:

  • Offsites
  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Scheduled team-development
  • Orientation
  • One-on-One

Communicate authentically…

2 or 3 hour session – Enhance STORYTELLING-PRESENTATION

This is a Group Activity in which all individuals are able to express themselves.
Outcome: Improvement, Bonding and Team-building – develop hitherto-unseen qualities in your team members. Length of session determined by numbers.

Build the team, build the story, build the FUN…

2 hour session – Energetic, hilarious, expertly-guided Half-mask (Commedia dell’Arte’ session)

(This is genuinely hilarious, and great for taking pressure off, or ‘loosening up’ eg – milestone celebration, end-of-year, or to provide ‘light relief’ as part of a larger conference.)

Russell creates an atmosphere of… Extreme Encouragement

Individual – Public-Performance enhancement

Individual – Speech-coaching. (Developing and presenting content)

Russell has developed techniques that support participants in focused presentation and enhanced collaboration, which in turn nurture a functional truth-telling culture within your business or team-structure.